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picard was started as a solo project by Jason Ulwelling. The choice between eating well or to buy some recording equipment and survive on ramen noodles was an easy choice at the time. After a good break from playing live music and writing, Jason had ideas bubbling over and it was time to start capturing them. Originally the intent was to just record for himself. Eventually he had friends come in to help with the recording process. The idea shifted to being a project that would involve many local musicians. This however isn't what happened. Mike Donaldson and Eric Giardina were helping with guitars. Donaldson contributed on "Lessons", "Last Ones" and "October". As the project moved forward, Giardina became the prevalent coordinator with Ulwelling. During this guitar transition, Brad Hanson became involved for input on the drums and percussion. As the writing process was getting toward the end of core structuring Ulwelling, Giardina and Hanson became the core members of picard. As the songs became more complete, Giardina and Hanson pushed for it to evolve from a project into a full blown band.

Once the decision was made, various local musicians were asked to join. Through trials and meetings, many members came and went. The initial line up (and closest to the current) consisted of Jason Ulwelling, Eric Giardina, Brad Hanson, Mike Donaldson, Rick St.Germaine, Cory Dahl, Phil Juodis and Rob Zimmerman. This was all before even entering the studio to officially record the album "#1". Through personal issues and life in general, ultimately Cory Dahl, Rob Zimmerman and Mike Donaldson would end up leaving the group. While Rob Zimmermans role was filled by Anna Ringstad, the other two position were not replaced.

As the lineup was finalized they headed into Drum Farm Studio. This was at the time the private studio for John L. Richardson (Gin Blossoms, Eddie Money, Bad Company). With Richardson producing the album, picard began dissecting the songs. Dean & Olivia Langby came in to provide the Cello and Violin parts. After almost a year of recording the tracks were turned over to Adam Schmitt (Warner Bros.) for mixing and mastering.

With the release of "#1", picard has started booking live performance in support of the album. Shows include full synced video and lighting. They have also started to dive into an archive of previously written tracks as well as tracking new ideas for the second album.
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  • This is easily the most mature (I’m just gonna say it: the best) stuff any of these guys has ever done.

    Andrew Patrie, VolumeOne.org

  • Style-wise, it’s hard to classify picard as anything more specific than “rock.” Some of their songs are edgy/harder. I can easily hear some grunge influence in several of the songs, as well as elements of epic rock story-telling (especially in “Ed”), like you might hear in classics like Queen or Led Zeppelin.

    Ed Hudgins, TommeSuab.com/

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